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What is wellness?

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updated Oct 13,, 2013
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Wellness is defined as the search for improved quality
of life and  personal growth through positive lifestyle
behaviours and attitudes.  We must each take
responsibility for our own health and well-being on a
daily basis.  Factors that influence our state of
wellness include nutrition, physical activity, stress
coping strategies, good relationships and personal
career success.

Living a healthy life requires living a balanced life.  To
achieve balance, we must take care of our mind, body
and spirit.  It is important to keep our
mind, body, and
healthy and balanced with each other for optimal
health and well-being.

Mind:  We need intellectual stimulation for growth.  We need
to take care of our emotional being as we foster relationships
with others and ourselves.

Body: Our bodies gain strength through physical activity and
exercise.  Proper nutrition and hygiene as well as taking steps
to prevent disease help us meet our daily demands.  

Spirit/Soul:  This is where we find our purpose in life and
assists us in motivating us to personal growth.  Spirituality is
practiced through prayer, meditation, religion, a walk in the
park, belief in a higher power, etc.  It helps guide us to respect
ourselves and others and display moral and ethical behaviour.

Try to find ways to nurture your mind, body, and soul.  
You are worth it!!

Life is short.  Live well.
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This is my farewell season for
fitness classes in Goose Bay.  

Thanks for voting.

Piloxing won by a knockout

Starts Wed Oct 9, 2013 at
6:30pm at QPMS gym.

I have also added a second class
just for you
"Big Beauty's"

Starts Sunday Oct 13, 2013 at
5pm at QPMS gym

This class will be a beginner
Zumba class that keeps you in
fat burning-zone for the
full hour.  This means no huffing
and puffing but you will sweat!!!  
Also the Zumba moves will be
easier to catch onto, at a slightly
slower pace and have easier

Also this class is just for you, so
you can have a safe place to

How do you know if you are a
Big Beauty?

You must have a BMI of 28 or
over to be in this class.

Check the
health info page for
the BMI calculator

Buy a 6 class stamp card for
$48 or drop in anytime for
No Piloxing class
on Oct  16th